The Walter Family

Copyright Carol Baxter 2012
Prepared for Walter descendant Jeanette Bradley

Abraham Walter (c1649-1712)

An Abraham Walter was indeed the rector of High Halden in Kent in the late 1600s and early 1700s. His church, St Mary the Virgin, was built between the tenth and fourteenth centuries. Between 1470 and 1490, it received the addition of an unusual tower and spire which required fifty tons of oak in its construction.[1]

Abraham himself was born around 1649,[2] and was appointed to High Halden parish in 1689.[3] In 1711 a curate was assigned to him. Twenty-three year-old Vincent Pomfret had a Bachelor of Arts degree from Oxford University and was to be ordained by Charles, Bishop of Norwich, and appointed ‘curate to Mr Abraham Walter, Rector of High Halden’.[4]

Abraham was still the incumbent a year later when he died. A flatstone in the church porch records: ‘Abraham Walter, Rector of High Halden, died on 13 June 1712 aged 63.’

An Abraham Walter married Elizabeth Taylor on 5 September 1699 at High Halden. This was possibly the rector himself or a son. An Abraham Walter, clerk, who was “late of High Halden” signed a document in 1714.[5]

Further research is necessary to confirm the connection between Rev. Abraham Walter and his descendant Jacob Walter (see below).

Family stories report a connection between Abraham Walter’s descendants and that of the founder of the London Times newspaper, John Walter (c1738-1812). Although no confirmation has been found to date of a connection between The Times John Walter and Jacob Walter (see below), the connection may lie in a mutual descent from Reverend Abraham Walter.