The Winney Family

Copyright Carol Baxter 2012
Prepared for Jeanette Bradley (nee Winney)

Origin of the surname Winney

Winney is an unusual surname. According to the Internet Surname Database:

This is an ancient surname of pre 7th century Olde English and Welsh-Celtic origins. It derives either from the female personal name 'Wyngeofu' meaning 'battle-joy', or 'Winfridd' meaning 'friend of peace', and later angicized as the personal name 'Winifred'. Surnames from female personal names are much less numerous than surnames from male names, but they do form quite a large grouping. A female surname or metronymic usually indicates that the derivation of the original name was as a result of either the mother being widowed before the child was born, or that she was an heiress in her own right, and wished to pass on the succession in her own name.[1]

The first known member of the Winney family lived in Berkshire in the early 1700s. Ultimately, it may be possible to trace the Winney family back further as more transcriptions of church registers become readily accessible online.