The Winney Family

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Prepared for Jeanette Bradley (nee Winney)

Generation 4: Thomas Winney and Rebecca Infield

Thomas Winney was the son of Richard and Martha Winney, who had settled in Ipsden parish, Oxfordshire, around the time of his birth. He was probably born early in 1805 and was baptised on 10 March 1805 at St Mary the Virgin Church of England, Ipsden.[1] He evidently received an education during his youth as he signed his entry marriage in full.

Continuing his family’s migration east, Thomas had settled in London by the early 1830s. He had also established a relationship with Rebecca Infield who was a decade older. Rebecca was the daughter of Samuel Infield and his wife Jane Shelford who were married on 17 February 1784 in Bedfordshire.[2] She was baptised[?] on 23 September 1793 in Bletsoe parish, Bedfordshire.[3] Thomas and Rebecca had three children, as shown below.

Thomas was working as a gardener and the couple residing at Finsbury Market in the parish of St Leonards, Shoreditch, when their son Thomas James was baptised in December 1833.[4] They had relocated to the parish of St Matthews, Bethnal Green by 1835 where they were residing in Collingwood Street and Thomas was working as a bricklayer when their son John was baptised in July 1835. John’s mother was listed as Mary Ann in his baptism entry – most likely an error made by the clerk when writing up the entry.[5]

In 1836 Thomas and Rebecca were married. Listed as a bachelor and spinster respectively and residents of the parish, they married by banns on 18 August 1836 at St Matthew’s, Bethnal Green. The witnesses were John Samuel Ames and Caroline Bliss.[6] Thomas was working as a haberdasher and the couple residing in Northampton Street in the same parish when their daughter Elizabeth was baptised in September 1837.[7]

The Winneys were still in Northampton Street fourteen years later when the 1851 Census was taken. Their address was listed at 9 Northampton Street and another couple – Miles and Louisa Legg – were residing in the same building. Thomas was working as a grocer’s porter and his wife and two sons were residing with him: the eldest a clerk to a stock and share broker, the youngest a waistcoat maker.[8]

Previously an area populated by those working in market gardens and weaving, by 1860 Bethnal Green was characterised by tumbledown old buildings occupied by many families. Thomas had died by 1861 when the census was taken. The census recorded Rebecca as a widow and a hosier and reveals that she had relocated to 3 Cleveland Street in the same parish. Her daughter Elizabeth, aged 23, was working as her assistant.[9]

Rebecca died on 17 April 1870 in Bethnal Green,[10] twenty years before Jack the Ripper began his murderous spree in western Bethnal Green and Whitechapel. By then, Bethnal Green had become one of the poorest slum areas of London.

G4. Family of Thomas Winney and Rebecca Infield

1. Thomas James Winney (see Generation 5)
- Born 21 May 1833 Finsbury Market, London.
- Baptised 29 December 1833, St Leonards, Shoreditch
- Married Clara Maria Sims, 24 Jly 1855, St Mary Magdalene Church, Oxford.
- Died 6 Apr 1894, 66 Comerford Rd, Brockley, Lewisham, London.

2. John Winney[11]
- Born 15 June 1835 Collingwood Street, Bethnal Green
- Baptised 29 December 1833, St Matthews, Bethnal Green
- Waistcoat maker in 1851

3. Elizabeth Winney[12]
- Born 22 May 1837 Northampton Street, Bethnal Green
- Baptised 17 September 1837, St Matthews, Bethnal Green
- Assistant hosier in 1861

St Leonard's Church of England, Shoreditch

St Leonard's Church of England, Shoreditch

St Matthews Church of England, Bethnal Green

St Matthews Church of England, Bethnal Green