The Winney Family

Copyright Carol Baxter 2012
Prepared for Jeanette Bradley (nee Winney)

The Simms Family

Thomas James Winney (see Generation 5) married Clara Maria Simms of Oxford. Clara Maria Simms was the daughter of John Simms (1809-1848) and Clara Maria Campion (born 21 May 1809 in Marcham, Berkshire, to Jonathon Campion and Mary Green, who were married on 13 Nov 1808 in Marcham[1]). Information about Clara's parents and siblings was given to Jeanette Bradley by a Simms descendant. The details are as follows:

Family of John Simms and Clara Maria Campion
(parents of Clara Maria Simms, wife of Thomas James Winney -
see Generation 5)