The Walter Family

Copyright Carol Baxter 2012
Prepared for Walter descendant Jeanette Bradley

Origins of the Walter Family

According to unconfirmed family information held by Walter descendant, Jeanette Bradley, arms were granted to the Walter family around 1616 in the reign of King James (1603-1625). References are found to a J Wall-terre, and to ‘a governor’ and to a ‘vicar of High Alden, Kent’.[1] The family information continues:

Walter, brother of above and riding officer of Romney, Kent, now called Custom and Excise Officer. This was when there was a great amount of smuggling from France and Spain.

The same family information then notes that ‘Walter, Oxford Street’ (a reference to Jacob Walter, from whom this family descends – see biography below) had issue:

- John, who had Irene;

- Thomas, who had Thomas, Thaney[?], Henry, John, Marie, Edward, Alice and Alfred (probably the 23 year-old first mate on an East Indiaman who was residing with his uncle George Walter (see below) at the time of the 1871 Census.

- George, who had Elizabeth, George, Jane, Amy, John Spencer and James William.

- William, who had Mary (died about 1856); and

- James, no issue, died 1840.

A biography of Jacob Walter’s son George Walter reported that he came from ‘a good old Kentish family’ and was a direct descendant of Reverend Abraham Walter who was the rector of High Halden parish in Kent.[2]