The First Fleet Peat Family

Copyright Carol Baxter 2012
Prepared for Peat descendant Jeanette Bradley


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[2] The names given to Charles’ children suggest an English rather than a Scottish background.

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[103] Ann was baptised as “Nancy” but all other sources refer to her as “Ann”. The native born white children were often not included in this muster despite the fact that they were usually listed if over the age of 14.

[104] This could be a reference to Charles and Hannah’s son Charles Peat however this seems unlikely as no other references to him have been found in colonial records.

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[108] The small number of crew members on these sorts of vessels, and the surrounding references to Charles Peat suggest that he was unlikely to have served as an ordinary crewmember. If serving on the vessel, he was more likely to have had the role of ship’s master.

[109] Richard Harding was probably a convict transported on the Third Fleet’s Britannia in 1791.

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[114] As no trace of the Peats has been found in the other colonial settlements, only those vessels travelling to distant countries (not New Zealand as it was little more than a whaling/trading station at that time) were considered.

[115] Cumpston, Shipping Arrivals, p.81. The only other non-colonial vessels in Port Jackson on 23 May 1812 (that is, vessels who were not travelling between the various colonial settlements or to the fisheries), were: the brig Active which had arrived in January 1812 and sailed on 13/16 June for the Derwent and New Zealand, the Peggy which had arrived in March and sailed mid-August for Calcutta, and the Mary and the Clarkson which had both arrived early in May and sailed early in August for Calcutta. If Charles and his family did not leave the country in June 1812, then they undoubtedly travelled on one of these three Calcutta-bound vessels in August 1812.

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